Never Buy a Blue Sapphire before you read this

Never Buy a Blue Sapphire before you read this

Blue sapphire is the gemstone that is associated with the planet Saturn. And in Vedic astrology, the planet Saturn is the deadliest planet ever. It rules over the zodiac signs of Aquarius, Capricorn, and Pisces. The way gemstones can bring happiness in your life, it can bring negative approaches too. As the blue sapphire is connected with the Saturn, it affects the wearer in every aspect. Sometimes it is important that the Blue sapphire suits you and the position of Saturn in your horoscope. If it doesn’t, it can harm you unnecessarily. So it is very important to know if the Blue sapphire you are going to wear suits you properly.

Firstly, we must know how blue Sapphire helps us.

blue sapphire


Blue Sapphire is a money stone that helps in gaining wealth and prosperity.

It helps in being sharp and confident.

It is best for business owners.

It helps in legal matters and also helps to find and win over enemies.

It protects you from black magic.

It provides the courage to win competitions.

It encourages gaining self-esteem and self-worth.

It keeps you away from illness and health issues.

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Now a wrongly worn Blue Sapphire can lead your life to the worst end, even death. So while wearing it you must know to avoid the things that can affect your life and luck negatively. 

Cracked Stone

The blue sapphire is related to Saturn and Saturn comes up with lots of power. You should never wear a cracked Blue sapphire. It may anger Lord Shani and can destroy your life to the worst. Even death can be the result. Sometimes wearing a cracked Sapphire stone can show you the worst part of poverty too.

Removing the Stone

Once you wear a Blue sapphire you can’t remove it on your own. You can’t remove it frequently whenever you want. This may lead to extreme negative energies covering you in just one moment. Whenever you remove the blue sapphire, some of its energy and powers get reduced and it becomes less powerful. And it can bring you long term illness, depression, debt losses, etc.

Never give your stone to someone else

You must remember Gemstones are interlinked with the planetary positions of the wearer. So if someone else wears your Sapphire stone, it can cause them as well as you a great cost. It may cause you disturbance in both of your personal and professional life.

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Loose fitted stone

Before wearing a Blue sapphire, you must check if the sapphire stone touches your skin properly. If it doesn’t, it can bring negative vibes to your life. It is very important to wear a natural sapphire properly. Also, be careful about synthetic sapphire or fake sapphire. They don’t work for you. You must be aware of wearing an original Blue sapphire for proper results. Wearing fake sapphire without knowing it can bring disastrous results and can cost you both of your health and wealth.

Gemstones are very crucial when it comes to the negative effects and a Blue sapphire can be dangerous among all. So always try to check the points when you start wearing one.

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