10 must have gemstones and crystals for more money, love, health, and peace in life

10 must-have gemstones and crystals for more money, love, health, and peace in life

Every gemstone found on earth is associated with one planet of the solar system. The different gemstone represents different planets. And the planets indirectly have lots of effects in our life. To control and nourish the effects one should wear or behold gemstones according to their requirements. In our life the four things that we mostly crave for, every moment are Money, Love, Health, and Peace of mind.

Several gemstones can be used in this case. All you need to do is, know which one is the best for you and how they work. So here are the lists of the gemstones that will help you gain money, get love, stay healthy, and keep a peaceful mind.

For Money,

Wealth is not what you can get in a minute. It needs hard work, perseverance, skills, and luck also. To live a wealthy and protected life you much check these gemstones.


Ruby is the gemstone that is associated with the planet Sun. Sun affects our life thoroughly and keeps providing positive vibes. The beholder of Ruby can prosper in life and gain great skills and fortune. Ruby is another name of success. It provides attentiveness and concentration. And also helps in getting a strong position in the career and professional field.

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Amethyst is the gemstone that provides self-esteem and self-confidence to the beholder. It makes you believe in yourself and also tends to provide you the proper mindset to have the best decisions. It is the gemstone of empowerment. It helps in financial decisions and also prevents you to spend more money on unwanted things.



Turquoise is the stone of prosperity. It is the gemstone that is full of compassion and truth. Turquoise always helps you in making financial decisions and actively clears your confusion in any matter. Turquoise is good for businessmen too.

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline has tremendous powers to control your financial problems. It is the magical luck stone that can bring prosperity and wealth together. It makes you think rationally and helps in arranging your debts. properly. It pulls your luck towards you and lets your dream come true.

For Love,

Gemstones can bring love into your life or improves your relationships and connections with your partner.  These love stones can provide what you desire.


Sapphire is the lucky stone for romance and love. It helps in having proper communication with your partner. It provides you fidelity, friendship, and affection. It encourages your trust and commitment. Sapphire is also known as the stone of heaven. It provides peace and a clear mind that helps you keeping a faithful relationship and gives harmony too.

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Moonstone is the lucky stone for passionate love and desire. It gives you an intense relationship and Helps you bury your old love affairs and makes you committed to the current relationship. Moonstone is also helpful in a physical relationship with your partner.


For Health,

Staying healthy should always be our priority. You can never compromise with your health with anything else. The gemstones that provide you a healthy and prosperous life are:

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is the stone that can help you in getting rid of several crucial health issues. It is good for the ones who tend to have heartaches. It has soothing and calm energy in it that makes you calm and composed too.

Rose Quartz


Pearl is the lucky stone that provides balance in life. It gives you positive feelings. It is also good for fertility issues, digestive problems, heartaches, skin problems, etc.

For Peace,

To have a composed life we should always try to have a peaceful mind that doesn’t ruin our decisions or commitments. The gemstones that can help you in this are


It comes in two colors blue and sea green. Aquamarine has a soothing substance that keeps you calm and keeps your mind stress free.



Amazonite is a gemstone that balances your inner peace and improves your self-esteem and self-worth. It provides you healing energy too.

These are the gemstones that will help you to lead a prosperous, healthy, peaceful life. Of course with your lovable partner!

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