What is your Birth gemstone?

What is your Birth gemstone?

Most of the time we believe, some gemstones help us to recover from some situations of life. We visit astrologers and they suggest the gemstones that we require. But have you ever thought that you can have a birthstone that depends on which month you were born in? Here are the birthstones by month and how it helps you!

January Birthstone: Garnet

The word garnet is from ‘Granatum’ which means ‘seed’. And interestingly, garnet does look like a seed of a pomegranate. Garnet is one of the brightest and colorful gemstones attached to those who were born in January. The bright garnet defines the vibrant personality of the person. This stone has a significance traditionally too. The January birthstone has different colors and different names for each of them. From red to yellow, you can find several kinds of garnets and all of them are precious stones or semi-precious ones.


February Birthstone: Amethyst

The Amethyst is the February birthstone. Traditionally it is associated with several properties like courage, strength, inner peace, temperance. It is also believed that Amethyst can help to restrict alcoholic intoxication. Amethyst comes in different colors from a light lavender rose to purple-black. Amethyst is also known for its healing properties. It is believed that it removes symptoms of headaches, addiction, insomnia, pain relief, arthritis, and many more.

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March Birthstone: Aquamarine and Bloodstone

Aquamarine: The name is derived from the Latin language where Aqua means Water and Marine means Sea. It comes in a beautiful light sea green/ blue color. It was believed that the gemstones help the sailor against any kind of mishaps. The gemstone provides calmness and peace to the beholder.

Bloodstone: The second birthstone for March is the Bloodstone. This one is dark green with some red spots. It was believed in the middle ages that the red spots are the bloodstains of Jesus and the stone had tremendous healing powers.

Both of the March birthstones are known for their properties like good health, hope, and youthfulness.

April Birthstone: Diamond

One of the most precious gemstones, diamond is the April birthstone. It is the symbol of purity, love, and affection. Diamond also symbolizes Strength and hardship. The way diamond is revived from the black and dark carbon and becomes the shiniest and beautiful stone ever, describes its unique characteristics and journey. It is believed that Diamond provides happiness and prosperity.


May Birthstone: Emerald

The green Emerald symbolizes ‘rebirth’. The word is derived from the Greek word Smargados that means ‘green gem’. It is believed that the May birthstone can cure bad health and several illnesses. It provides good fortune and keeps evil powers away from the beholder. There was a myth about Emerald that it helps the wearer to look into the future. It also brings faithfulness, loyalty, and friendship.

June Birthstone: Pearl, Alexandrite, and Moonstone

Pearl: Pearl is one of the rare organic gemstones that can be found on earth. This June Birthstone can be found in shells of clams or oysters. The color of Pearl depends on the type of oysters or mussels it comes from. Pearl symbolizes peace, modesty, and chastity.

Alexandrite: Another June Birthstone Alexandrite is a very rare stone and expensive too. It changes its color in daylight and artificial lighting. It looks reddish-violet or violet in artificial lighting and daylight it seems green with a tint of brown or blue. It is believed that Alexandrite restores internal and physical energy.

Moonstone: Moonstone symbolizes ‘new beginnings’. This June birthstone comes in a wide range of colors like green, pink, yellow, orange, mocha brown, etc. It helps in inner growth and provides stability. Also heals your stress and brings calmness.

July Birthstone: Ruby

Ruby is known as the “king of gemstones”. Rubies are rare to find and expensive enough. It is very difficult to find large ones. Ruby is mainly red but light pink and dark red ones can also be found. The price increases with the darkness of the stone. It has mythological significance too. It is believed that Ruby provides mental and physical health and improves blood circulation.


August Birthstone: Peridot

In ancient Egypt, Peridot was associated with the Sun. The august birthstone is very rare and comes in one color only. That is dark olive green. It has a wide range of cultural significance. It is believed that Peridot protects the beholder from evil forces and darkness. It also provides influence and power.

September Birthstone: Sapphire

The September birthstone Sapphire is the rarest gemstone and it comes in several colors. Royal Blue, Yellow, Purple, Pink are the common ones. Most of the time, it is believed that Sapphire beholds royalty. It brings wisdom, faith, and power. It protects its beholder from envy and brings prosperity. In the middle ages, even warriors used to wear it for faithfulness.

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October Birthstone: Opal and Tourmaline

Opal: The word Opal was derived from the Greek word “Opallos” which means to see a change. Opal is known for its uniqueness. It has different colors like milky white, yellow, red, green, etc. It is believed that opal helps to remove bad luck of its beholder. It was given the name ‘Queen of gems’. Opal symbolizes innocence and purity.

Tourmaline: Another October birthstone Tourmaline is known as the rainbow stone that has different colors in one stone. The name suggests ‘mixed stone’. The gem that has more than one color is more valuable than the ones that display just one color. It symbolizes the connection between nature and humanity.

November Birthstone: Citrine and Topaz

Citrine: The November birthstone citrine is orange in color and has tremendous healing powers. It is a semi-precious gem. The stone symbolizes life and strength.

Topaz: In ancient Egypt, Topaz had mythological significance. Topaz comes in a wide range of colors, starting from colorless, blue, yellow, orange, pink, etc. It is believed that Topaz provides its beholder with emotional balance and promotes harmony to his/her life.

December birthstone: Turquoise

In French Turquoise means “Turkish stone”. It is one of the oldest stones in the world. Its primary color is blue but it comes in different shades. It is believed that the stone contains several healing powers and brings good fortune and wealth to the wearer. It also protects from evil energies.

All birthstones are perfect gifts for your loved ones. Birthstone jewelry, engagement rings, birthstone necklace, etc. can be wonderful surprise gifts.

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