Gemstones are exceptionally captivating! Their myths, legends, hues, and properties are abundant and fascinating. Legends about stones have been respected and regarded for quite a long time in all societies. Tsavorite is a royal green colored garnet which looks like Emeralds.

Tsavorite is known to locate internal excellence both in oneself as well as other people.

It is said to help one experience one’s predetermination as opposed to battling along a way that is not genuinely theirs. Therefore, it mitigates stress at a profound level.

Tsavorite is a stone of flourishing.

This precious stone is utilized as a part of mysticism to contact the intense world is even said to permit one contact with Greek and Egyptian divine beings.

It does not just influence the vitality of the individual wearing it but also the people around him/her.

Tsavorite is a green garnet that connects with the Heart Chakra, situated close to the focal point of the breastbone. Yellow Garnet initiates the chakras of the Solar Plexus, vitality dispersion of focus, and relationships.

Many associate words like appearance, success, mediator, and imperativeness with this gemstone.

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Tsavorite is a rare gem mostly available in smaller sizes of 0.18 – 2 carats per piece. Carat weight of 3 and above is considered rare. You can buy them for a price between ₹ 500 (starting grade) – ₹ 40,000 (best quality). The price ranges based on the grade, weight, and size difference.

Campbell R. Bridges, a gems specialist found this stone around the borders of Tanzania and Kenya. It is mostly supplied by these two countries only.

There are 4Cs that you have to keep in mind while you make a purchase.

Color  Bright deep green is the high quality, and dull dark green is low quality.

Clarity  The gemstone should be transparent like eyes.

Carat  You can find these stones in small carat weights. Even a good grade of 1-carat garnet is rare.

Always ask for an authentication certificate to justify its grade.

This attractive garnet is the birthstone for the month of January.

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Did you know?

Tsavorite got its name from Tsavo National Park in Kenya. The natives of this land keep it close to maintain harmony among friends and relatives. They believe that Tsavorite brings love and peace in their lives.

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