Never clean these Crystals in water

Never clean these Crystals in water

When you buy an expensive Crystal, you feel the urge to keep it shiny and beautiful forever. You give extra attention to its cleansing but remember one thing; you should NEVER use water to cleanse your Crystals. It’s a big NO!

You’ll be shocked seeing your crystals destroyed by water. It may lose its shiny, glowing effect or it may become rough and matte. It’s like having a nightmare to see your favorite crystals destroyed because of your careless nature. You must research well before trying to cleanse your crystals and gemstones.

Water is corrosive to some of the crystals and gemstones too. Sometimes it eats up the surface of the glowing crystal and makes it rough and dull. Even the crystal can be dissolved in water sometimes or can change its color too. In some cases, rust appears on the surface of the crystal. The chemicals of the crystals are released in water.

Saltwater is dangerous for your shiny crystals too. It is also corrosive and it highly risky to cleanse the crystals in it. It can ruin the crystal or gemstone.






Lapis Lazuli










Desert Rose





Instead of cleansing crystals in the water, you can surely do it with sunlight, moonlight, earth or just any other energy. One can put the stone out in the night and bring it back in the morning. The crystal will absorb all the light of both sun and moon and will be glowing just like before. But remember don’t keep direct under the sun. It may harm the crystal and its surface too. Always bring the crystal or stone back before noon.

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One can cleanse a crystal with brown rice too. You just need to fill a bowl with dry brown rice. Then put the stone deep into the brown rice. Keep it for a maximum of one day. You will see natural effects after it. But always remember to dispose of the rice after you cleanse the crystal.


There is another way to cleanse your crystals like Breath. Yes, you heard it right. You can just put the stone before your nostrils and exhale. Keep doing it for 30 seconds or one minute and you will see the results yourself.

These methods are better than choosing the risky ones where the crystal can be ruined without proper knowledge and guidance.

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But some crystals can surely be cleansed in water and it doesn’t ruin them. It depends on the chemical composition that the crystals are based on. If the crystals don’t react with or dissolve into the water then it can be cleaned with water. Mainly the Quartz crystals don’t react with water or salt water at all. There are many more crystals that can be cleansed with the help of the old water method. You must know about them too!

Rose Quartz

Crystals that can be cleansed in water are:

Rose Quartz

Tiger’s Eye


Clear Quartz



Smoky Quartz


Snow Quartz

Red Jasper

So before you go for any method to cleanse your favorite crystal, research the method and the crystal both. It will save you from losing your glowing crystal and money too.

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