How a worry stone can help you calm down?

How a worry stone can help you calm down?

A ‘Worry Stone’ or ‘Calming Stone’ is a stone that comes in the size of a human thumb. It helps to keep you relaxed and anxiety-free. Generally, if you have a worry stone, just rub it with your thumb when you feel stressed or anxious. It has tremendous power to calm you down.

What is a worry stone?

A worry stone is a stone that helps you stay calm and cope up with your stress, and anxiety. Worry stones can be made from simple river rocks or any semi-precious gemstones. They mainly have a smooth surface. And it has the size of a human thumb and oval in shape. You can keep it in between your thumb and index finger and rub it to relax.

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The worry stone can be made in different ways. You can just take it out from a river body and use it. As the river rocks have run for a lot of time through the flowing water, it naturally got its smooth surface during that time. One can cut and polish the worry stone artificially too. Semi-precious gemstones can also be used as worry stones. Sometimes it can be made of wood, ceramic, bone, metal or glass. It just needs to be smooth and handy.

Worry stone can have the size of your palm. It is called ‘palm stone’ then.

How calm stone works?

Whenever you feel you need to calm yourself down, just rub the stone surface back and forth with your thumb. While rubbing the stone it gives you a pleasant and peaceful sensation to your fingers and calms your mind.


Anxiety and tension relief

The worry stones work on how much anxiety you feel. Sometimes therapists also use it to know the actual amount of your anxiety. It is used during the therapy also. It also helps in physical and psychological tension. It also reduces muscle tension. Using calm stone has become a popular way nowadays.


In a hectic life, one can have stress and tension regularly. The bulk of works in an office, relationship conflicts, and personal tensions can break a man to a great extent. Dealing with that regularly with a worry stone can be easy for you.

Get rid of Smoking

The worry stone can be used to get rid of smoking too. Whenever you feel the urge to smoke, when you feel you can’t stay calm without a cigarette, just bring the stone to rub it. Keep your mind relaxed and peaceful to get rid of your bad habits.

Rose Quartz

Anger Issues

Some people have really bad anger issues that they can’t control by themselves. The calm stone tends to help them too. It manages your anger issues delicately. It distracts your mind and tries to keep you relaxed.

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Semi-precious gemstones as worry stones

Some people use semi-precious stones as worry stones that seem soothing to them and also work just like a natural worry stone. Some of the gemstones that can be used as “Calm stones’ are:


Rose quartz

Black agate

Black onyx

Moss agate

Clear quartz

Worry stone can be called as a healing stone that helps lots of people to deal with their anxiety and stress. It is also used in reflexology. One can get a worry stone in any gemstones shop or any online site.

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