How exactly gemstones and crystals work?

How exactly gemstones and crystals work?

Gemstones or crystals are known as the luck stone or good luck charm. It is not a magical entity but has some positive vibes in our lives. One can surely feel changes in his/her personal or professional life if he/she properly wears a gemstone with the proper guidance of a healer.

Aura and Cosmic rays:

Our body is covered with some energy body that is known as ‘Aura’ in Vedic astrology. Our conscious and subconscious minds are greatly influenced by this aura. This aura can be found in every living or non-living thing. Gemstones have the strongest aura around them. They are the source of the colors that can be found in several cosmic rays on this planet. The human bodies are influenced by these cosmic rays and when we wear the gemstones the cosmic rays are attracted to them and get passed on the human body. While wearing gemstones some changes in the cosmic rays happen and it affects our mind and subconscious. It absorbs additional cosmic rays and brings changes in our thought process too. This is how our mind and action see changes within our body after we choose to wear gemstones or crystals.

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Our life is fully influenced by the planets of the solar system. And each gemstone represents a particular planet. Wearing a gemstone can help us to make the weaker planets stronger in our horoscope. The planetary rays can be affected and influenced by this. If someone’s Mars is weak in his/her horoscope, he/she must use Coral to make it strong. And if someone’s sun is weak then ruby should be worn.

The difference between Gemstones and Crystals

Chemical Properties:

Every gemstone is made of particular chemical structures and substances. When it is suggested to wear it in the finder or wrist, it’s expected that the gemstone or the crystal’s small and very few molecules will be absorbed by the human body and will work accordingly. It works similarly the way homeopathic medicines work.

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Subconscious mind:

Wearing a gemstone is like believing in someone or something that will always save you from obstacles and problems. Our mind is the strongest thing in this world. If something encourages your will power and your subconscious starts believing that then you can do anything in this world. You need encouragement and trust.  It’s more important to believe in yourself and your self-esteem. But when you lose every hope you look for options and other methods. And luck stones and crystals provide you that only.

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