10 Gemstones that protect you from Negative energy and black magic

10 Gemstones that protect you from Negative energy and black magic

Spiritually here are two types of energy in the world- Positive and negative. Black magic is the negative use of energies that can influence you and harm you too.

Some protection stones can be worn to be safe from evil eyes. These are known as Spirit stones.

Here are the gemstones that prevent you from black magic and negative energy. Know about them and choose what suits your situation best.


Diamond is one of the precious gemstones in the world. It symbolizes peace and growth. Apart from these, diamond also has properties to protect you from an ample amount of negative energies and removes your internal conflicts.

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Ruby is one of the most expensive and effective gemstones. It can be used to recharge your energy from spirits. Sometimes roaming around at night can attract negative spirits and most of the time they try to forcefully weaken your energy and make you helpless. Ruby can recover you from that.

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Amber is mainly known as ‘the stone of positivity’. It is a gorgeous stone that prevents evil powers to touch you and also doesn’t let them absorb your positive vibes. It works as a healing crystal and keeps toxic vibes and negativity away from you.


The coral is connected to planet Mars. It works as a protection stone to the beholder. It protects him/her from evil curses, negativity, black magic, etc. It has extraordinary powers. It absorbs the bad luck and toxic vibes and works as a shield.


Garnet is a semi-precious gemstone that works as a protection stone. It increases your willpower and balances your inner peace. It deflects spirits and bad luck too.


Black Tourmaline

It is the all-round protection gemstone that helps in repelling the negative forces and absorbs the vibes. It protects you from harmful frequencies. It creates equivalent electric fields around to work as a protection stone.


Sapphire doesn’t work as a protection stone but if you put it in a glass of water and drink the water after 4-5 minutes. It will wash off all the negativity from your system. But you must remember not to swallow it.

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Jet is more like coal that has some protective characteristics. It protects you from evil sources, ghosts, spirits, and other entities. It also absorbs other’s emotional energies.


Turquoise is one of the oldest gemstones in the world. The soothing color and character of the stone make it more powerful. It mostly works as a shield against hostile magic. It doesn’t work against spirits or ghosts.


This is another all-round protection stone that keeps the bad spirits away. It prevents psychic attacks and black magic too. You can wear it as a pendant, necklace, and bracelet- anything you want.

All of the stones mentioned are gemstones for protection from bad energy, negative spirits, and curses. They help you as a shield. Different gemstones have different purposes to fill and you must research before wearing one.

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