17 brilliant tips to use Feng Shui crystals for luck & money

17 brilliant tips to use Feng Shui crystals for luck & money

Every person in this world needs some positive energy to survive peacefully. Feng Shui crystals are an epitome of positivity & bring forth prosperity, especially at home, offices, clinics, etc. They are even looked upon by people for increment in their wealth & happiness. The English name for Feng Shui is, “Wind-water.”

Crystals tend to emit energy & they also help in maintaining the frequency of a body that emits lower frequency by helping it match with the higher frequency. Feng shui crystals help in healing the mind & soul and also in transforming people’s lives. Having a feng shui crystal/crystal plant/crystal pendant at home or any regular place exposes us to more positive vibes.

The best ways you can use Feng shui crystals for a better life are:-

1)  Citrine crystal is one of the most known crystals that brings wealth to people. This crystal has a long role in the history of Feng shui for increasing people’s self-esteem and bringing them money & wealth.

We can use this crystal in the form of our jewelry or we can also find feng shui citrine crystal gem trees at any gift shop or by online purchase & decorate them in the south-east corner of our home, office or any such regular place.


2) Tiger eye crystals are a great source of earning wealth. These crystals are like a magnet of wealth. They also help in maintaining the balance & also instigate a person to get rid of his/her fear & anxiety.

Just like Citrine crystals, tiger eye crystals should also be placed in the south-east direction at our residence’s entrance. These crystals can be found in the form of a bracelet or a neck chain.

3) Amethyst is another crystal that cures people of stress, relaxes their nerves & calms their minds. It also helps in having a peaceful sleep. It is a purple color crystal & can be placed at any place in the north-east & south-east direction of our home. It can be found in various varieties- Pendant, chain, bracelet, showpiece, etc.

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4) Black Tourmaline crystal is one of the most influential Feng shui crystals that help in overcoming the prevailing negative energy. If we just hold a tourmaline crystal in our hands, we will immediately be directed to abundant positive energy. We can find this crystal in varieties of jewelry, showpieces, etc.

5) Pyrite, also nicknamed as “Fool’s Gold” can be a very effective Feng shui in bringing people prosperity, promoting good health & ensuring the removal of environmental pollutants around its user. As the above-mentioned crystals, this too should be kept in the north-east corner of our home. It can be found in jewelry, dust, stone forms.

6) Clear Quartz is a Feng shui healing crystal that heals our mind & soul of negativity & enhances spiritual receptiveness. It can also be called the “Master of all healing crystals.” Quartz crystals are very clear in appearance. Any kind of quartz jewelry or a raw quartz crystal is enough to purify our aura.

7) Rose Quartz, just like clear quartz crystal is another such Feng shui crystal that embraces healing powers, love & affection in its users. We can place this crystal in the south-west direction of our entrance room. It is found in varieties of jewelry & also in raw forms, just like other crystals.

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8) Blue Kyanite crystals promote inner peace & balance & also are a good source of money. This crystal has an amazing characteristic of letting us gain or regain money through truthfulness. Mostly, people should prefer dark shades of their unique crystal. These crystals should be placed in the northern area of our home. We might not find many varieties of this crystal, so we will have to prefer the raw form of this crystal.

9) Fluorite crystal has properties similar to that of Clear Quartz & Rose Quartz. This crystal helps in maintaining peace & harmony around us by healing our minds. It rejuvenates us from within. We also might not find heterogeneity in its forms & we will have to use its raw form like a Fluorite crystal ball.

10) Jade is a very popular Feng shui crystal that protects its wearer from evil & negativity and promotes good luck. It helps in providing serenity in a person’s environment. It can be found in a variety of showpieces & is well known for its jewelry forms.

11) Ruby is one of the strongest luck stones that provides good fortune and prosperity in your career. It also helps in professional decisions and is best for businessmen. Ruby as a feng shui crystal can be kept in the southern part of your house for better results and luck.


12) Sunstone is can make you achieve whatever you want. It is the gemstone for abundance. It provides you a wealthy life and also makes your dream come true. The sunstone feng shui should also be kept in the southern area of your home or office.

13) Turquoise is one of the best feng shui crystals that can bring you financial development and career opportunities. It helps in making financial decisions too. And it should be kept in the northern area of your house.

14) Wood crystal is Brings peace and Positivity to your life. It reduces exhaustion and stress. And it brings good luck and money too.

15) Red coral provides you natural energy and balances it. The red coral is the symbol of courage and strength. It brings prosperity and success.

16) Amber is the money stone. It helps in improving your career and brings success. It helps in financial issues too. This crystal even helps in the restoration of money.

17) Ammonite is a powerful feng shui that absorbs positive energy and spread it throughout your home or office.

These are the 17 feng shui crystals that help you to prosper and lead a stress-free, stable life.

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