Do gemstones come with an expiry date?

Do gemstones come with an expiry date?

In today’s world gemstones are quite popular when it comes to the favor of luck. In ancient ages and Middle Ages people used to believe that gemstones might have some miraculous powers that can affect your life tremendously. But wearing gemstones or luck stones for the specific period was not at all trendy. It was never said that a gemstone can be worn for a particular time only. One can surely wear it until his/her purpose is fulfilled. But again it wholly depends on the user.

Nowadays gemstones are cut and polished and then used as lucky charms. Good luck stones can be used for several purposes like anger issues, anxiety, personal conflicts, career, etc. Different gemstones are connected with different planets in the solar system.

All the planets have some effect on our life either negative or positive. Sometimes luck stones are used to remove the negative vibes from our life or to bring positivity and enhance our skills and focus. It provides different energies or powers.

Gemstones have their own lives. Like if you are using a gemstone for career issues than you will wear it until you get the desired thing. It doesn’t mean that you have to wear it for 2 months or 3 months. It doesn’t work like that. No one can suggest you the lifetime of a gemstone.

How exactly gemstones and crystals work?

Gemstones start working the moment the beholder wears it. It influences the beholder’s life according to the body part where the gemstone is worn. It works like that. It depends on the part of the body the gemstone is touching. Wearing a gemstone doesn’t mean that the result will show up at a certain time. It’s user-specific. The activation and the result both depend on the user and his horoscope.

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So if someone starts wearing a gemstone or luck stone, it has a purpose. According to that the gemstone doesn’t need to have a deadline, the purpose has a deadline. So when the user realizes his/her success or failure, it’s the time when the purpose of the gemstone is completed. There, is no such particular period to use a gemstone.


Gemstones can be the most powerful good luck charms. But it doesn’t come with an expiry date. It depends on how the gemstone is used and for what.

One gemstone can be used by two different people and have two different results. So it is important to know which luck stone suits you best.

Sometimes one can use a gemstone for a certain period and then another person can wear the same gemstone for some different purpose. It doesn’t matter. Gemstone never has any kind of expiry. It is all about the purpose and the success of the beholder.

If the beholder thinks that it is the time to get rid of the gemstone as his/her desire has been fulfilled then the gemstone is no longer useful for him and can be redirected to another person or another purpose.

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