Citrine : A stone for prosperity


Today, being successful has become a social mandate. You are competitive but still lag behind. Citrine, a bright yellow gemstone may be a game-changer for you. Its that icing on the cake which turns it into a Gateau.

Owning Citrine stone has many planetary benefits

Soothes fear, anxiety, and depression.

Keeps you away from distractions.

It amplifies your ability to think in the right direction.

A stronger focus on goals.

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Heals problems related to kidney, urinary, digestion, heart, liver, muscles, immune system, and much more.

It aids to purify the system and helps impede the toxic effects of many medicines.

Many have witnessed positive response towards their sexual and sensual problems.

In old times, Citrine was conveyed as insurance against snake venom and malice/unclean considerations.

Not only will you benefit professionally but also health-wise.

Citrine is available at a reasonable price. It can be purchased between ₹ 200 per carat to ₹ 500 per carat. Most of the Citrine comes from Brazil but other countries like France, Spain, Zambia, and Uruguay are also a producer of it.

Choosing a good quality Citrine –

Yellow to Orangish or Red to Brownish is the most popular color.

It should be clear without any color zoning.

The oval cut is most preferred.

Make sure you check the carat weight. That would be a vital point in determining the price.

Don’t forget to collect the authentication certificate from the reseller.

Taking everything into account, citrine is an effective purifying apparatus. It conveys the force of the Sun, and all things considered, it is exceptionally inventive. It will scatter and ground all negative energies and wash down all your chakras.

Buy a Citrine stone today. After all, it is you who needs to be successful in life.

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Did you know?

As per Feng Shui, it is prescribed to keep the vast majority of the citrine stones in the riches corner of your home. It is typically the far left corner from the entrance to your house. They will make a pleasant adornment to your home as they will mix pleasantly and will be a focal point of steady mitigating energies coordinated toward alternate objects of your inside.

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