Gemstones have been a part of daily accessories from the donkey’s years. They have been used for both looks and benefits. Alexandrite is an uncommon gemstone, named after the Russian tsar Alexander II.

Alexandrite gemstone effectively affects the wellbeing of a person which makes it attractive to be utilized as a part of the treatment of health issues like –

Alexandrite is useful in the treatment of swollen lymph hubs

Utilized as a part of the treatment of the spleen and testicles

Compelling in recovering neurological tissue at the cellular level

Used as a treatment for the sensory system

Important in the treatment of leukemia and its illnesses

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Better circulation of blood

Keeping aside the value of different wellbeing issues, Alexandrite stone has supernatural properties as:

It aids in creating a feeling of trust in the individual

Helps the sentiment of love

Builds inventiveness and mindfulness in a person while carrying satisfaction and accomplishment alongside favorable luck.

Gamblers prefer to wear Alexandrite, as they think wearing it enhances the odds of winning. Alexandrite makes its wearer calmer and focused.

Alexandrite is perfect to be worn as/with jewelry. Its price ranges between ₹ 50,000 and ₹ 6, 50,000 per carat.

This rare stone was found near the Tokovaya River in the Russias Ural region. These days the gemstone alexandrite is found or accessible Tanzania, Myanmar, Zimbabwe, India, Sri Lanka, Brazil, and Madagascar.

Choosing the stone which looks truly green or red with black or brown tints is most preferred. A good dealer will show you the authentication document.

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Beware of the stores that sell synthetic stones. Alexandrite is the birthstone for the month of June and the 55th anniversary stone. You could surprise your parents by gifting it to them.

Did you know?

Because of the extraordinary shade changing tendency of this gemstone that happens at particular times in a day offers distinctive results. The person who wears this talisman in the day time gets the bliss, achievement, and favorable luck when it is blue-green. In the night, this appeal polarizes the warm cherishing and arousal feelings that flaunt its rosy shade.

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